10 Tips to Grow Long Healthy Natural Hair.

Hair is one of the most attractive features of a female. And when her hair is quite full, long and healthy, her confidence is way boosted than before. This write-up is for all my ladies who want to grow their natural hair long/longer and healthier. The health of your hair is very important because with health comes length and volume. And these 10 tips would help you with that if practiced consistently. Keep Reading…

#1.  Avoid using heat on your hair too often or don’t use it at all(blow dryers, straighteners, hooded dryers).

Using heat to style hair too often would weaken it and slow your growth rate. Worse, you could suffer a heat damage. Though there are natural ways to stretch hair without heat. But if you must use heat, make sure to apply a heat protectant first and the heat tool should be on low heat. Shea butter is a common heat protectant used in Nigeria.

#2. Do Protective Styles.

Protective styles are basically hair styles which keep the ends of your hair protected. It could be braids, twists, faux locs and more. Protective styles aid growth of your hair because you don’t get to manipulate your hair everyday all in the name of styling. A PS shouldn’t be carried for a long time, it should be carried for a maximum of one month but styles like faux locs could be carried for more because your hair is secured in the extension. Make sure to care for your hair even while it is in a PS.

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#3. Avoid Tight Hairstyles.

Tight styles literally hinder hair growth ladies! Your stylist might say ‘the tighter the hair, the finer the style’, Never believe those words! Tight styles place too much pressure on your scalp and makes it hard for it to welcome new growth. So ladies, stay away from that ‘tight stylist’. Check out the picture below, her edges are gone for sure.

protective styles

#4. Moisture is Key.

Make sure to moisturize your hair everyday or every other day to minimize breakage. Dry hair is more prone to breakage. That’s why you might feel your hair is not growing, unknown to you that dryness is the cause. You could moisturize by spraying/spritzing water on your hair and sealing in the moisture using an oil or grease(hair creams with petroleum jelly) or better still, use a water based leave-in conditioner and seal in the moisture with an oil.

#5. Reduce Daily Hair Manipulation.

Having your hands in your hair like everyday won’t promote growth. This is the reason for a PS. Make sure to get your hair done!

#6. Do Oil Prepoos.

Prepoo is a treatment done prior to shampooing in order for your hair to still retain some moisture because shampoo strips your hair off moisture. You should prepoo with a mixture of hair oils like coconut oil, olive oil, amla oil or just oils of your choice. Palm oil can also be used for a prepoo but shouldn’t be left in for long or it’ll bleach your hair.

#7. Trim Split Ends.

You should get your hair trimmed when you start noticing split damaged ends. Split ends could travel up to your hair and cause breakage which you wouldn’t want.

#8. Oil Your Scalp.

This entails using scalp-friendly oils like jojoba oil, argan oil, or almond oil to massage your scalp. This aids growth. It coould be done every three days or once a week.

#9. Sleep With a Satin Pillowcase/Bonnet/Scarf.

Your cotton pillowcase sucks moisture out of your hair and makes it frizzy but satin does not. It helps minimize breakage and retain length.

how to make satin bonnet

#10. Drink Water!

Spraying water on your hair is not enough. You still need to moisturize from the inside. Drinking enough water not only aids hair growth but also has some added benefits like giving you a clear skin. So drink water today!

how to grow long natural hair