5 Ways to Protect your Mental Health.

5 Ways to Protect your Mental Health.

Nowadays, some people tend to overlook the great impact which one’s mental health can have on their overall well-being. A healthy mind is quite essential as your mind programs the output (words and actions) that comes from you.

Lately, countless news on suicide has been making the rounds on the media and what would push a person to take their own life? You’re right. It all begins from the mind.

In this article, I have decided to highlight 5 practical ways which you can protect your mental health.


  1. Express your Feelings to a Trusted Person.

People sometimes underrate what opening up can do because they probably opened up to the wrong person in the past. If there’s no one whom you can fully express your feelings to, then seek to speak to a professional. There are people who have been trained to listen and then proffer solutions to whatever ‘mind problems’ you might be facing.

To contact a professional, here’s the hotline of MENTAL HEALTH FOUNDATION NIGERIA: +2348033236814, Email: info@mentalhealthnigeria.org

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  1. Learn to Say NO to certain Requests.

If a demand which you find inconvenient to your lifestyle is being placed on you, please speak up and plainly refuse it. Before thinking of disappointing a person’s expectation about you, learn to think of what effect their expectation has on your mind. One thing you should know is that people would surely get used to you when you finally choose to accept and master yourself.

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  1. Avoid Self-criticism.

Whenever you feel your worst, the best thing to do at that moment is to quiet your mind. In times like this, our minds would tend to highlight our failures, inconsistency and disappointments and then make us feel like we’re not getting better at anything.

Training your mind to be quiet whenever you feel your worst is a super power that we all need to master. When you start to have self-demeaning thoughts about yourself, consciously make an effort to think back on how far you’ve come and you would realize that you’re doing pretty well.

Learn to clap for yourself, love. You also deserve some accolades!


  1. Take Care of your Physical Health

Exercise has proven to be a good mood-booster and also a great way to start your day. A thirty minutes workout session can go a long way in improving your mood and programming your mind for the day.

You can decide to workout at home with the help of fitness apps as there’s a lot of them that are free and easy to use. But if you’d want more accountability, then I’d suggest that you enroll in a gym and get a personal trainer. Either ways, just make sure you’re investing time into keeping in shape.

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  1. Reflect or Meditate

At times, I like to shut down social media, find a quiet place and just think peaceful thoughts. My peaceful thoughts boil down to how God has been so good to me, where I was before and how far He has brought me. I also like to think about my goals and strategies for them. Then I pen down whatever thought is worth noting. Once in a while, intentionally get some “alone time” and you’d be grateful that you did.


With all that is happening around the world, do not put your mental health at stake. Always remember that you deserve nothing but the best!

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