About Us

beauty and fashion in AfricaOkpeke.com  is all about beauty, fashion and wellness in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, and Ghana. It is an online platform that features trends, discussions, job offers, companies and events in the fashion, beauty and wellness industry in Africa. Okpeke has partnerships with several beauty, health and fashion companies in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and Kenya


Okpeke.Com come consists of the following:

An online Shop

Are you looking for a shop that sales fashion stuff like clothes, blouses, shirts, shoes, etc in Nigeria; or your search is for an online store where you can buy beauty products and accessories in Nigeria? Okpeke.com offers affordable (cheapest) price guarantee of the best quality beauty/fashion products in Nigeria. This is because we deal directly with importers of such products. We have a reputation to protect hence ensure the quality, reliability and durability of whatever is sold at Okpeke store. Some of the products we sell include perfumes, creams, shirts, lingerie, pants, trousers, caps, eyeglasses, etc. Contact us if you are an importer/manufacturer and wish to sell in Okpeke.com or if you believe your prices are highly competitive or have a deal.

An Online directory

The okpeke.com Directory is a platform to register beauty and fashion companies in Nigeria. It has adirectory for beauty spas in NigeriaDirectory for make-up studios in Nigeriaphotographers directory in Nigeria, and so on. So if you run a beauty spa, hairdressing salon, barber shop, cosmetic store, fashion/beauty school etc in Nigeria whether in Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt or any part of Nigeria, get registered in this online portal. What will you benefit from registering? Well unlike other online directories in Nigeria, we will give your company e-visibility, keep you up to date with several opportunities in the industry and you can always surf a CV of beauty/fashion applicants from our database when you need to recruit. All these at no extra cost. Register your company NOW while registration is still FREE. Click Here
A Job/Career portal

Okpeke.com features the latest job offers and opportunities in the fashion, beauty and wellness industry in Nigeria. Get the latest masseur jobs in Nigeria, latest hairstylist jobs in Nigeria, latest modelling jobs in Nigeria, latest fashion designer jobs in Nigeria, latest fitness trainer jobs in Nigeria and other beauty, health and wellness related jobs in Nigeria. So if you are one, get registered, also if you are looking for any of the following applicants, also register in our directory

A Forum

Discuss and mingle in okpeke.com Forum. Get the latest topic for discussion and participate freely. Learn something new from someone else and teach others what you know about a subject in the industry. Ask pressing questions, there is always someone with an opinion and someone that has the answer.


If you wish to advertise a product, event, or company okpeke.com provides you with such platform to get noticed. We would not only put your ads on our website visited by hundreds of thousands weekly but we will take your campaign to our social media pages: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We have a community of interest in the beauty and fashion industry in Nigeria


A blog

our blog can be very educative ranging from health and beauty tips to happenings in the industry. So when searching for best fashion blogs in Nigeria or the best beauty blogs in Nigeria, Okpeke.com is where to start from as we link with other such blogs to give you whatever information you need