How to Care for Your Natural Hair While Wearing Wigs.

Wigs are a common protective style in the natural hair community. They just give us a stress-free life by making us manipulate our hair less and watch it grow. But did you know that, wearing wigs and not taking care of what is beneath is quite risky? Lots of ladies have complained about thinning edges due to wig wearing. Wigs are a protective styles because of how they don’t really put tension on your scalp but even while on protective styles, be it braids, cornrows and all, taking care of your hair should be a huge priority. Wearing a protective style is meant to protect your hair, yes! But not giving your hair proper care while wearing it would not make you see any visible hair growth, trust me. After all, one main point of protective styles is for growth right?! And wigs are just perfect because of how you can take them off whenever and let your scalp breathe. I think I’ve said a lot already, so below are ways to care for your natural while wearing a wig..

Ensure your natural hair is clean.

Prior to wearing your wig, take a moment to ensure your natural hair is clean. If you haven’t washed your hair in a couple of days you may have a sweaty scalp or product build up so wearing a wig may be detrimental to the overall health of your scalp in the long run. Depending on their breathability and cap construction, wigs can harbour bacteria that can upset the natural pH levels of your scalp leading to dryness and flakiness. To ensure your scalp is at it’s best, cleanse your hair regularly, but most importantly, prior to beginning a wig regimen.

Moisturize Your Hair Properly Before Beginning a Wig Regimen

On your wash-day, be sure to do the LOC(Liquid/Leave-in, Oil, Cream) Method after shampoo and deep conditioning. This will leave your hair moisturized, and prepped for the wig.

Your Cornrows or Braids Underneath the Wig Should Not Be Tight

You’re trying to protect your hair right? So what is underneath the wig needs to be partially loose and not tight else you’ll be putting tension on your scalp and that could hinder growth.

Massage Your Scalp at the End of the Day

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When you get home, take off your wig and use your finger pads to massage your scalp in order to increase blood circulation which will promote growth. And this will also make your scalp feel relieved. You could also massage your scalp using a light oil like argan, coconut or olive oil.

Moisturize Your Hair at Night Prior to Wearing a Wig the Next Day

The normal thing is to moisturize in the morning but moisturizing and covering up with a wig might give your hair an unpleasant smell. So it’s advised to do so before bed time when your scalp is breathing and then throw on your wig next morning. Do not forget your satin scarf or pillowcase because a cotton pillowcase would suck up the moisture.

Wig Cap Before Wig

Wearing a Wig directly might be harsh on your scalp/hair. So it’s advised to wear a wig cap first which will act as a protective barrier between your hair and scalp.

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