How to Grow Long and Healthy Relaxed Hair.

Natural hair has taken over the place that relaxed hair is barely remembered. And I can only imagine how the relaxed sisters feel(I’m natural as well). One of the reasons some ladies went natural was for the fact that they believed relaxed hair is unhealthy hair. And I wouldn’t blame this mindset ‘cause I used to have same but did you know relaxed hair can be healthy?! Most of us weren’t taught to take care of our relaxed hair properly, so with the improper care our hair didn’t thrive as we would have wanted it to and then we go natural and learn proper care from lots of natural hair youtubers and fanatics who have researched heaven and earth. Now, I’m not trying to encourage anyone to go natural or keep being’s all up to you! Like the title entails, this post is to teach you how to grow long and healthy relaxed hair. So keep reading…

#1. Your Hair is Best Relaxed a Maximum of Three Times a Year.

I need to loud this for the people at the back!! I’ve seen ladies who relax their hair like every month and still wonder why their growth is stagnant.  The directions on most chemical relaxers suggest that hair should be retouched every 8 weeks. Please note however that you can extend the amount of time between your relaxer touch ups for longer than 8 weeks. You want long and healthy hair, then limit your hair relaxing. Continuous relaxing is killing your hair, the health and even the color. Relaxed hair blogger with long and healthy hair, Lade of relaxes her hair every 20 weeks, i.e every 5 months and this is very advisable.

#2. Moisturize your Hair Whenever it Feels Dry.

Moisturized hair retains length but dry hair is more prone to breakage and would limit your hair growth. You could moisturize using a leave-in conditioner and a light oil like olive or coconut oil. Or you could spray water and apply a light oil to your hair.

#3. Always Use a Conditioner Right after Shampoo.

Don’t skip your conditioner after shampooing. Always apply a generous amount and target the ends of your hair especially. Your shampoo should be sulphate-free as sulphates are drying to hair.

#4. Oil Your Scalp Regularly.

Oiling your scalp should be part of your regimen as your scalp can get really dry from relaxers. Use a light oil like olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil to massage your scalp like every two days or every other day.

#5. Protein Condition your Hair before Relaxing.

how to use hair mayonnaisehow to use hair mayonnaise

Relaxers work by breaking down some of the protein bonds in your hair.  If hair that is lacking in protein is relaxed, you can begin to imagine how fragile it will be after the relaxer process. Hair should be washed and deep conditioned with a protein conditioner a week before it is relaxed. An example of protein conditioner is the popular ‘Hair Mayonnaise’. Hair that has been removed from extensions should be thoroughly detangled, washed and conditioned with a protein deep conditioner the week before relaxing.   The hair should be washed in sections or in  single braids to prevent matting and tangles.
Allowing a week between removal of extensions and relaxing will also give your scalp a chance to recuperate.

#6. Use Hair Masks.

diy deep conditioners

Whenever you’re having a wash day, you could beat up a hair mask for your hair, be it a strengthening mask, moisturizing or whatever. See different hair masks and how to make them <HERE>

So now that you know it’s possible to grow long and healthy relaxed hair, get practicing these tips consistently and you’ll definitely see changes in the health and length of your hair.

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