Top 5 Natural Hair Tips to Help With Your Natural Hair Journey.

Top 5 Natural Hair Tips to Help With Your Natural Hair Journey.

Hey queens! Here’s another juicy post on natural hair to get you going.

As naturals, we strive for tips on how to maintain our ‘crown” and if not careful at times, we take wrong steps that lead to a regretful end. Some naturals out there still do not know some necessary things to add to their regimen so they are always here and there seeking help. As most of you would have sensed from past posts, I’m natural and I won’t call myself a total pro but I at least know few tips and tricks which have helped my hair get to where it is today. And I felt to share top 5 of these tips with you all.

See below the top 5 natural hair tips to help with your natural hair journey…


Now some of y’all would be like, “who doesn’t steam their hair?!” Let me burst your bubble sis, have you been steaming with conditioner in your hair? I bet you haven’t. Seriously queens, whatever treatment you apply to your hair, be it protein treatment, deep conditioner, hair masks or whatever, never forget to maximize the steaming step to the fullest! If you apply conditioner, make sure to leave it in your hair for 30mins, nothing less and nothing more cause it takes 30mins for your hair to properly absorb your regular conditioner, anything more is a waste. I do not need to talk about steaming with deep conditioner or your protein treatment.

how to steam hair

Three ways to steam: 1. Cover your hair with a shower cap and get into a hooded dryer at medium heat and stay under it till the set time is up.   2. Cover your hair with a shower cap or plastic bag/nylon. Dip a towel in hot water, squeeze but still retain the hotness. Then wrap it over the shower cap or nylon. Leave this for your set time and proceed to other things when done. (You could still use an extra nylon upon the hot towel for maximum heat).    3. Get a Heat Cap. This cap is already popular in the natural hair community and has made steaming way easier and very effective. In need of one? Call or Text Us: +234 706 788 1861

   how to steam natural hair



A Deep conditioner helps you retain more moisture thereby retaining length cause moisturized hair is prone to unnecessary breakage. It strengthens your hair strands, adds shine to your hair, makes your hair more manageable and healthy. Need I say more?! Deep condition weekly or at least twice a month, nothing less. For your best natural hair deep conditioners like Shea Moisture, Aunt Jackies, Cantu and many more, Contact us: +234 706 788 1861. We’re always at your service!

diy deep conditioners



I think I need to loud this one.. TRIM THOSE ENDS sis!! Stop trying to hold on to those split, dry, tangled ends. You could set an interval for trimming or you could trim once you start noticing some signs like tangled ends, split ends, dry and thin ends. Don’t try to prolong the trim sis.  Sometimes the only thing holding your hair back from being as healthy as possible is getting a professional trim or by cutting off what is damaged. Trim your hair today! *winks* But don’t over-do it or your growth won’t be visible.

how to trim natural hair without stretching it



If you are thinking about doing a protective style, doing the proper treatments will ensure your hair health coming out of the style. A steam hydration treatment and a protein treatment are a great start to prepping your hair for a style that will last longer than two weeks. You want to protect healthy hair not damaged hair.


Protein is very necessary for hair growth. Keratin, a protein your hair is made out of, provides structure to your hair. This gives it shape and strength. Without it, your hair would be weak, limp and fragile. Protein balances the moisture in your hair to keep it healthy and strong. If you have enough protein but not enough moisture, your hair will be dry, brittle, and lifeless. Moisture and protein are both needed simultaneously. You need both moisture and protein to maintain healthy hair. A great way to maintain a moisture and protein balance is by investing in certain treatments according to your hair type and texture.

how to do protein treatments for natural hair


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I hope you found these tips helpful! Stay tuned for more…

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